Express your ideas. Get respect.

Express your ideas

Express your ideas

You Want to Express Your Ideas

The goal of a good accent reduction program should be learning to communicate in a way that enables you to express your ideas clearly and powerfully.

The goal should not merely learning to articulate vowel & consonant sounds.

I know that there are people who disagree with this statement. But I stand firm on this point.

Any training you invest in has simply GOT to be focused communication, not just the formation of sounds.

Authentic Communication is More Than Articulation

In many accent training programs the primary focus is on the articulation of sounds.

This is good….I teach this too.

But learning to articulate sounds is simply not enough!

You simply can’t communicate in a clear and meaningful style if you don’t learn to use American English syllable stress and intonation patterns.

How to Speak Clear American English

In order to speak in a way that will enable you to connect with others and get your ideas across, you need to speak using

And in order to learn these critical skills, you’ll probably need some training.

My accent reduction coaching program includes explicit lessons on the syllable stress and intonation patterns that you need to learn in order to become a clear and powerful communicator.

You Want to Get Respect

My coaching program is highly customized to ensure that you make noticeable changes in the words and phrases you say on a daily basis.

If you talk about enterprise architecture…we’ll use that term and related words in your program.

If you talk about oil & gas infrastructure…..we’ll use that term and related words in your program.

If you talk about managing technology teams….we’ll use that term and related words in your program.

You’ll learn to express your ideas in a manner that gets you the professional respect that you deserve.

Personal Training is Optimal

If you can afford it, personal training is optimal. No… it’s not cheap, but if you consider it an investment in your future…you’ll find that my training is an excellent value.

Of course you can take a class with lots of other people. You’ll definitely learn some good stuff. But when you sign up for a class, no one is going to

  1. work on your professional vocabulary
  2. provide you with personal feedback
  3. correct your homework with detailed attention
  4. help you achieve your career goals

There’s just not enough time for that when you take an accent reduction class. (I used to teach lots of classes so I know this first hand).

Serious About Communication?

If you’re serious about learning the skills you need for clear, engaging and powerful American English communication, take a look at how my FAST Accent Coaching Program works.

It’s not for everybody. It’s for people who are ready to make an investment in their communication skills.

FAST Accent Coaching Program

Consultations are mandatory and completely complementary.

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