3 Great Websites for Pronunciation Practice

3 Great Websites for Pronunciation Practice

Websites for Pronunciation Practice

Websites for Pronunciation Practice

Are you looking for websites you can use to practice your American English pronunciation?

Here are 3 excellent online resources that I recommend to my accent reduction coaching clients.

These websites are a good way to review and practice the sounds of American English that are challenging for you.

1. Okanagan College

Excellent practice activities for many American English sounds including R & L,

2. Language Guide

The voices used in this site are very nice & clear. There is a lot of vocabulary you can use to listen & repeat.

3. Center for Language Education, HKUST

This site is for Cantonese Speakers but speakers of other languages, especially those of you from Singapore, China & Japan will  find it very useful.

Check out these 3 free online resources and add them to your bookmarks.

Beyond Pronunciation is Real Communication

Of course, you won’t make significant progress improving American English communication style unless you experience live instruction with personal feedback.

That’s because real communication involves much more than the articulation of sounds.

Effective Communication Includes

Effective communication in any language, including American English includes:

  • The correct articulation of vowel & consonant sounds
  • Speaking with the right pace
  • Using the correct intonation
  • Learning to listen to others

Real Communication Skills

I teach you critical skills for clear and engaging American English communication in my Unlock Your American Accent Webinar Classes .

Click on the big blue banner up there on your right to see the details. ↗

Or, choose one of the links below to learn more tips for speaking clear American English. Thanks for visiting!


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