Accent Reduction Classes Skype

Accent Reduction Classes Skype

Accent Reduction Classes Skype

Accent Reduction Classes Skype

Since 2008 I’ve taught American English pronunciation & accent reduction classes in the San Francisco Bay Area, Minneapolis & St Paul, Washington, DC and South Florida.

Currently, I work one on one with private clients (professionals working in IT, engineering and enterprise) via Skype video.

Why Skype accent reduction?

My private clients choose to meet on Skype because of the:

  • convenience
  • privacy
  • focused attention

…that happens during their private accent reduction coaching sessions.

In your accent reduction coaching program you’ll learn

  • How to ask questions clearly and effectively
  • How to lead meetings and discussions with confidence
  • How to speak clearly over the phone
  • How to make small talk with colleagues and clients
  • How to connect with others in a way that builds trust and inclusiveness
  • How to clear up communication breakdowns whenever they occur

Be open, curious & reflective 

If you’re an accomplished professional with a strong command of written English and vocabulary, someone who’s already experienced significant career success, accent coaching is the best way to improve the way you communicate.

If you’re open to critical feedback, curious about communication and reflective about your personal performance, you’ll make excellent progress in a coaching program.

Personal coaching is an investment

Personal coaching is not for everyone. It’s an investment in both time and money.

However, personal coaching is by far the most efficient and effective option for professionals who want to improve their American English communication skills.

If you’re an international professional who’s ready to bring your communication skills to the next level, send me a message at I’ll send you a PDF with all the details and fees.

Don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m friendly, knowledgable and will always reply within 24 hours.