Accent Reduction Practice Techniques

Accent Reduction Practice Techniques

Rehearse what you plan to say.

Rehearse what you plan to say.

In my accent reduction coaching program, I help international professionals reduce their accents and communicate clearly in American English.

Practice Techniques

One of the practice techniques that I recommend to my clients is REHEARSAL.

Let me explain what I mean….

I tell my clients, that before going into a situation where you’ll be conversing with native English speakers, giving a presentation, or leading a conference call, rehearse what you plan to say.

Anticipate, Plan & Practice

Depending on the context you should be able to anticipate many of the words and phrases that you’ll need to say.

  • Review the words you plan to say
  • Say these words in the appropriate phrases
  • Practice saying your phrases over & over until they feel natural

Try to Think in Phrases

Word by word pronunciation sounds foreign and choppy to the American listener.

Therefore, try to think and practice using phrases instead of individual words. Speaking in phrases will make you sound more fluent and confident.

Feeling Brave? Record Yourself!

If you’re feeling especially brave and motivated, make a recording of yourself saying these phrases.

As you listen to yourself, you’ll probably hear things about your speech that you don’t like. ☹ That’s GOOD though, because it gives you an opportunity to adjust and correct your errors.

Why Rehearse?

You may think that REHEARSING sounds kind of silly…..but think about it….

How do actors learn to speak with a different accent?

☛ They rehearse!

How do International Toastmasters get ready for a speech?

☛ They rehearse!

How does President Obama prepare for a speech?

☛ He rehearses.

What’s one effective way to practice your American English pronunciation?

That’s right……you need to rehearse.

Holding a rehearsal is a very effective way to practice the pronunciation and accent skills that you are working on.

Rehearse So That You Can Express YOUR BRILLIANT Ideas


Accent Reduction Training Programs

If you’re serious about making significant and noticeable changes to your American English communication skills, check out my accent reduction training programs.

I work with international professionals from all over the world, helping them communicate clearly and confidently in American English.


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