How to connect with people in American English~Thank people for their time

How to connect with people in American English~Step 5 ~Thank people for their time

Thank people for their time

Thank people for their time

Time is at a premium these days.

So thanking people for their time is a thoughtful way to end a conversation.

And you want to do that with a friendly intonation style.

Here are three closing statements

  1. Thanks for your time today, David.
  2. I appreciate your time today, Steven.
  3. Thanks for meeting with me, Susan.

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It’s tempting to rush off to the next meeting or phone call.

However, taking a minute to close a conversation on a warm note will leave you listener with a favorable last impression.

In summary

In order to speak in a way that enables you to connect with others, follow the steps you learned in my last four posts:

  1. Start with a warm hello
  2. Address people by name, and try your best to say their name correctly
  3. Help people say your name correctly
  4. Start interactions with friendly small talk
  5. Speak with a good pace
  6. Thank people for their time

Build connections with Americans

Once you connect with people, they’ll want to interact with you.

They’ll want to spend time with you.

They’ll want to hear your ideas.

Build trust with Americans

When you connect with people you can win their trust. 

You can see that it’s worth taking time to learn this critical skill. 

Work through the six steps above during your next conversation.

You’ll notice a positive difference in the way you connect with people.

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