5 reasons people choose to improve their American accent

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Hi everyone. It’s Susan with an update.

Every week I get to talk to people just like you; people who want to communicate clearly in American English.

When I first meet with people, I always ask them, “why do you want to improve your American accent?”

The top 5 reasons people give me

Below are the top five answers I receive.

1. People around me are getting promoted but I feel stuck in the same position. I believe that if I improve my communication skills, I’ll get the promotions I deserve.

2. I just started a new job and my new colleagues don’t understand me. The people at my old job got used to my accent so everything was okay.  My new colleagues often struggle to understand me and that’s creating some problems at work.

3. I recently started my own company. I need to communicate effectively with my investors and my employees every week if I’m going to succeed.

4. My kids speak American English better than I do and it’s kind of embarrassing. I want to improve my pronunciation so that I can be good role model for my kids.

5. I’m in Toastmasters and I really enjoy speaking at my club. But feedback they give me at Toastmasters isn’t helping me improve my accent. I need your professional advice for that.

What’s your reason?

Your reason for wanting to improve your American accent may be the same as the people I work with every week. Or it may be slightly different.

Whatever your reason is, I encourage you to take action.

Good communication skills will get you the recognition and the respect you deserve. Good communication skills will make your life richer and a lot more fun!

I can show you how

In my ConfidentVoice programs for international professionals, I teach you how to speak English in a way that Americans like and understand.

Are you ready to learn that? If you are, I encourage you to take a free trial lesson on my ConfidentVoice platform.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

Good communication skills will never go out of style. Invest in yourself today.

About the author

Susan Ryan is an accent reduction coach. Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.