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The Color Vowel Chart Teacher Resource Book

In my work as an accent reduction coach, I always use a tool called the Color Vowel Chart. The Color Vowel Chart methodology allows me to teach my accent reduction coaching clients to recognize and articulate the 15 American English vowel sounds in an efficient and memorable way. ✰ It’s FUN too! ✰ The visual […]

The Color Vowel Chart

The Color Vowel Chart is an excellent visual tool that you can use to learn or TEACH the 15 vowels sounds in North American English. The hard copies of the chart are really nice; colorful and laminated with color words and IPA symbols. There are teaching activities you can use on the back of the […]

Speak American English with Color Vowel Sounds

Speak American English with Color Vowel Sounds  American English has 5/6 vowel letters. These are a,e,i,o,u & sometimes y. Letters vs Sounds But, did you know that these 6 letters make 15 different vowel sounds? ☝ It’s true! Tense & Lax Vowel Sounds Although pronunciation classes often categorize vowels as short and long…. I usually refer to […]

Good listeners can reduce their accents

Good listeners can reduce their accents

Good listeners can reduce their accents Over the weekend I was working on the American vowel sounds with one of my accent reduction coaching clients. We were working on the /iy/ as in Green vowel sound & the /I/ as in Silver vowel sound. /iy/ as in Green is the vowel sound in the word leave […]