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Spoken English for Japanese Speakers

While people from Japan often have excellent reading and writing skills, their spoken English can be very difficult for others to understand. Japanese speakers frequently struggle with spoken English for several reasons. These include: Syllable stress & vowel length in English are VERY different than in Japanese Spoken English employs linking between words Spoken English […]

Japanese Speakers & the American Accent

I work with Japanese professionals and post grads in my American accent coaching program. These highly motivated people UNDERSTAND what they need to do in order to speak American English more clearly. After about 6-8 lessons with me they understand the RULES and PATTERNS of spoken English. What they need is more opportunities to PRACTICE […]

Chinese Speakers Confuse the /n/ & /l/ Sounds

In my accent reduction coaching program I often find that my Chinese clients from Hong Kong and mainland China often confuse the /n/ & /l/ sounds when they are speaking English. If you do this, it can really create confusion for your American listeners! ☹ Problem words include: financial initial development intelligent economical If you […]

American English Pronunciation for Vietnamese Speakers

American English Pronunciation for Vietnamese Speakers When I taught accent reduction classes to the Vietnamese community in Northern Virginia, learning to voice word final consonants was a technique that helped my adult students there speak English more clearly! Voicing final consonants is a critical skill for Vietnamese speakers who are trying to improve their spoken […]

American English Pronunciation The Letter G

American English pronunciation the letter G

How to pronounce the letter G This week, one of my accent reduction coaching clients was a bit surprised to realize that when the letter G occurs at the beginning of a word, it can have a soft sound or a hard sound. The sounds of the letter G In American English pronunciation the letter G […]