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Where does schwa occur?

The Schwa Vowel Sound

Using the reduced schwa vowel sound before or after (sometimes before AND after) the stressed vowel sound creates CONtrast. Americans depend on hearing the CONtrast between stressed and unstressed vowel sounds. That’s one way that we identify words.

You need schwa if you wannə speak American English

The Schwa Vowel Sound

You need schwa if you wannə speak American English If you wanna speak American English in a way that sounds very natural you absolutely MUST use the schwa vowel sound. Here’s why. Schwa Schwa is a sound.  In fact it’s  the most common sound in American English. It’s the relaxed sound that we use to pronounce […]

3 Websites for Learning the Schwa Vowel Sound

The most common sound in English Schwa is the name for the most common sound in English. The sound is used in both American & British English. The symbol we use to represent this sound is an upside down /ə/. What does schwa sound like? Schwa is a weak, unstressed sound. It sounds like a weak […]

What is the Schwa Sound?

The Schwa Vowel Sound

What is the Schwa Sound? If you are asking this question you already know something about the rules of spoken English. Good for YOU!!  ☆ Let’s talk for a moment about this VERY COMMON sound. Spoken British & American English have a little vowel sound that most people have never heard of. This little sound is […]

Quiz: Super Challenge with schwa, /y/ & /w/

The clients in my accent reduction coaching program learn effective strategies that help them speak American English more clearly.♬ Here’s a short quiz that indicates how to use the schwa sound + /y/ & /w/ insertions in some tough words. This is a strategy that I use with my clients who work in accounting & […]