Accent Reduction & Grammar Issues

Many of my Asian & Latin American accent reduction coaching clients program have trouble hearing & pronouncing the ed sounds that occurs at the end of past tense verbs.

When you DON’t pronounce the ed sound, it effects both your grammar & your American accent.

If you are working in a professional position, you really don’t want this to happen when you speak!! ✔

Ed dropping frequently happens to Chinese speakers, Korean speakers, Vietnamese speakers and Spanish speakers.


If you are a non native speaker, you may find that word final ed sounds are difficult to hear.

That’s very true.☝

This is because native speakers usually link words together so much, that the ed sound becomes part of the following word. This makes the sound of ed difficult to hear!

For example:

  • passed out sounds like pass dout
  • looked over sounds like look dover
  • talked about sounds like talk dabout
  • laughed at sounds like laugh dat

When I teach my accent reduction coaching clients how to link the past tense ed to the next word, it helps them produce the sound more clearly.

This clears up the bad grammar and allows them to speak English more smoothly! ♪


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