Accent Reduction for Chinese Speakers

Accent Reduction for Chinese Speakers 

Accent reduction for Chinese speakers

Accent reduction for Chinese speakers

The Chronicle of Higher Education, a prestigious education journal, reports that Chinese students seeking to study in the United States often have the money and the reading & writing skills that they need.

What Chinese students lack are good spoken English skills.

Participate in conversations & discussions

University bound students need advanced linguistic skills that will enable them to participate in discussions and seminar-type settings.

The need for clear and engaging spoken English is critical for both students AND for Chinese speaking professionals in the North American workplace.

Accent reduction training programs

I’ve worked with many Chinese professionals in my accent reduction training programs. These people never had the opportunity to get specific training in spoken English.

Chinese speakers who want to speak English well need to learn many new speaking skills including:

  • how to use syllable stress to make words sound clear
  • how to link words together for smooth speech
  • how to use engaging intonation
  • how to use voiced consonant sounds so that word endings are clear

Speak well and enhance your chances of success

If you are a Chinese professional working in North America,  or a student planning to attend an American University, you many want to consider some accent reduction training.

This type of training will help you succeed in  your academic or professional career.