Accent Reduction How to Practice

Accent Reduction How to Practice

Accent Reduction How to Practice

Accent Reduction How to Practice

One accent reduction practice exercise that I recommend to my accent reduction coaching clients is to listen for the syllable stress patterns used by native speakers.

Focused Listening

What should you listen for? I ask my clients to listen for how native speakers stress syllables and lengthen vowel sounds in words. Do they say:

  • co→mprehensive with stress on the first vowel sound?


  • comprehe→nsive with stress on the third vowel sound?


Do they say:

  • New York with stress on the first word?


  • New York with stress on the second word?

Listening for Syllable Stress Patterns

Noticing  and using syllable stress patterns is really important for clear communication! You must practice listening to these types patterns in order to use them like native speakers do.

Learning to use syllable stress like native speakers do, will make your American Englihs sound more natural and easy to listen to. ♬

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In my iBook, American Accent Fundamentals, I teach you the basic rules for using syllable stress correctly

If you are just getting started on improving your American accent, my iBook is a perfect place to start! And the first chapter is free to download.

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