Accents & Acceptance

Accents & Acceptance

accents and acceptance

Accents & acceptance

In the news lately there have been some interesting articles about language, accents & acceptance.

Goats Have Accent Preferences

In a recent article on goats and accents one study discovered  that even goats need to develop the right accent.

“These accents allow them (the goats) to recognize who’s from their group and who’s not from their group, and it increases group cohesion,” the researcher said.

Affinity with Those Who Speak Like We Do 

This happens with people too! We tend to feel more affinity towards people who speak like we do.

We feel more comfortable communicating with people who speak in ways that are easy for us to understand.

Americans Like Stress & Melody

Beyond consonant and vowel sounds….speaking English like an American includes using the correct stress, pace and intonation.♬

If you speak English with the correct stress, pace and intonation, there’s a very good chance that people will LIKE you more. ♥

Speech That Americans Can Relate To

In my accent reduction coaching program, I teach you to speak with a pace and intonation that native speakers can relate to.

My clients get really excited about this, because cool things happen such as:

“Hey, Chan, ya wanna go to lunch?”


“Ya know, Kiran, you’re much easier to understand now.”

Make Changes to YOUR Accent

Check out my American accent training programs if you’re ready to make noticeable changes to the way you speak American English.

Changes that will enable YOU to be more accepted by your American colleagues.

Below is the article about the goats.

Goats and accents