Actors & the American Accent

Actors & the American Accent

Matthew+RhysSometimes my accent reduction clients ask me how actors learn to speak with an American accent.

In order to answer that question, let’s listen to a professional actor.☝

Here’s what the actor Matthew Rhys says about mastering an American accent:

“you can nail the sound, but sometimes I think you can tell a British actor when he’s playing an American, because it’s the other things [that matter]. Rhythm and cadence and syntax [are important,] and emphasis is a massive thing. It’s those things you’re always tuning into and I’m always trying to nail.”

I want to bring your attention to three of the features of American English that Matthew mentioned.

1. Rhythm

2. Cadence

3. Emphasis

In order to sound like a native speaker, you need to master these three features of spoken English.

In my accent reduction coaching course, and here on my blog I call these features stress and intonation. ♬

Even if you say every vowel and consonant sound correctly…you won’t sound natural and native like unless you employ the proper stress and intonation when you speak.

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