All About the American T

All About the American T 

All About the American T

All About the American T

Many accent reduction coaches, including myself,  like to say that“T is for Trouble”.

We say that because the letter T has 4 different sounds when you are speaking American English.

The sounds of the American T

We have the

Learning the sounds of the American T is one feature of American English that my accent reduction coaching clients love to work on.

They’re easy to learn and apply

Most people learn to use the American T sounds fairly quickly!

My accent reduction coaching clients usually master these sounds within a few weeks.

Learn & practice the American T sounds

Are you aware of the sounds of the American T?

Have you heard them?

I teach you all about the American T sounds in my iBook, American Accent Fundamentals.

American Accent Fundamentals - Susan M. Ryan

You can download the first chapter for free at the iBookstore.