American Accent Intonation Quiz

American Accent Intonation Quiz

Ready to test your listening skills?

Here’s a super short listening quiz you can take to test your ability to hear two common American English intonation patterns.

1. Listen. Which question sounds more friendly, A or B?


2. Listen. Which statement sounds more friendly, A or B?


ANSWERS~ 1. A  2. B


That Was Easy, Right?
Most people don’t find it difficult to recognize friendly intonation.

Even if they don’t know exactly how to use it.

But if your goal is to connect with others and communicate in a style that’s friendly, you absolutely have to learn how to use these patterns.

Learn to Use Intonation & Connect with Others

I teach you to use American intonation patterns in all of my American accent training programs. You’ll learn things about friendly communication that no one has told you before.

Take a look and choose one that’s right for you! Invest in YOUR communication skills today. Because life is all about good communication!

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