American Accent Problems for French Speakers

If you are a French speaker, here are three features that may be contributing to your accent when you speak American English:

You may not be articulating a clear difference between the front vowel sounds /ey/ as in Gray and /e/ as in Red.✔

Your may be using different syllable stress patterns that we do in North America. Examples include the words dis→count, percent→ and pur→chase.

You probably need to use more falling intonation at the end of statements and information questions. Intonation may be subtle but using it correctly makes a big difference in the ears of the American listener.⤵

I personally love the French accent. ♡ However if you are doing business with North Americans these types of differences may be contributing to breakdowns in communication.

I teach you how to pronounce the American English vowel sounds and use syllable stress and  intonation in my iBook, American Accent Fundamentals.

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American Accent Fundamentals - Susan M. Ryan

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