American Accent Tip for Smooth Speech

American accent tip for smooth speech

American accent tip for smooth speech

American Accent Tip for Smooth Speech

If you want to speak smooth American English, here’s a great technique you can use.

It has to do with linking words together.

It has to do with linking phrasal verbs together.

Linking phrasal verbs

Most of my accent reduction coaching clients never learned how to stress and link phrasal verbs together in order to say them more smoothly.

  • Phrasal verbs are always stressed on the second part.
  • The two parts are linked together
  • They are not said as separate words!
  • That sounds too choppy to the American listener!

Common examples

  1. loGIN (log in)
  2. loGON  (log on)
  3. loGOUt (log out)
  4. turNON  (turn on)
  5. turNOFF  (turn off)
  6. tuneDUP  (tuned up)
  7. bacKUP  (back up)
  8. pushedBACK  (pushed back)
  9. puDOFF  (put off)
  10. sigNIN  (sign in)

Listen here


There are many more phrasal verbs that Americans love to use.

Speak smooth American English

Stressing phrasal verbs on the second part and linking the two words together is just one way to speak English smoothly. ♬

To learn more proven tips for speaking smooth American English, (including lots of practice with phrasal verbs) check out my American accent training programs.

About the author

Susan Ryan is the author of the ConfidentVoice blog and an accent reduction coach. Contact her for a consultation if you’re an international professional who’s serious about speaking clear and engaging American English.