American Accent vs Indian Accent (50% discount)

American Accent vs Indian Accent

American accent vs Indian accent

American accent vs Indian accent

In my job as an American accent instructor, I advise and coach many people who were born in India but now work in the US.

What’s the biggest difference between these accents?

If you are an Indian English speaker you may be wondering just how the Indian accent differs from the American accent.

Keeping in mind that people born in India speak a wide variety of languages, here are 4 ways that the Indian accent and the American accent are different.

  1. The American accent has clear rules for syllable stress that many Indians don’t use.
  2. People from India don’t always use the correct American sounds for the letter A.
  3. Many Indian languages don’t have the /ʒ/ sound found in the words pleasure, measure or occasion.
  4. The intonation that Indians use to ask questions and the intonation that Americans use to ask questions is often different.

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