American English Intonation Audio Course

American English Intonation Audio Course

Are you trying to improve your American English intonation?

If you answered YES to that question, you’re already way ahead of most people who are working on their American English communication skills.

Intonation is key

If you’re searching for intonation courses, you already understand that clear and fluent American English depends on using the correct intonation patterns.

Communication is more than using the correct vowel & consonant sounds 

Many people believe that you can achieve a nice American accent and communicate clearly by learning to articulate each vowel and consonant sound.

While vowel sounds (American English has 15) and consonant sounds (American English has 24) are very important ….the intonation and melody of American English is absolutely critical if you want to achieve smooth, clear and engaging speech.♬

My iPad book for the American accent

My iPad book for the American accent teaches you to use the fundamental intonation patterns of American English.

You’ll learn to use American English intonation in

  • phrases
  • sentences
  • dialogs

And it’s super convenient because all of the audio files are built right into the book!

Get the workbook for free

The cost of my iBook is $19.00 (or similar in 60 countries). And I’ve also designed a nice workbook that you can use along with the iBook. Just email me after your purchase to get your free copy.

You already know that speaking English with confidence and fluency is a HUGE asset in today’s workplace. Don’t hesitate to invest a little bit of money in your American accent skills.

Make a small investment in your skills

Accent change is difficult to do on your own. You’ll need resources and guidance if you want to learn to communicate more effectively in American English. Get my iBook and start learning today!

American Accent Fundamentals - Susan M. Ryan