American English Pronunciation for Brazilian-Portuguese Speakers

Here is an accent reduction tip for Brazilian-Portuguese speakers who want to improve their spoken American English.

Be careful when you pronounce the letter P!

Brazilian-Portuguese speakers often pronounce the American English /p/ sound like a /b/ sound.

This can be confusing to American listeners because when you do that because:

pill sounds like bill

pull sounds like bull

poor sounds like boor

Peter sounds like beater

The /p/ and /b/ sounds are articulated almost the same way in spoken American English.

To make both sounds place your lips lightly together and then push the air out of your mouth in a short burst.

The difference is that /p/ is a voiceless sound and /b/ is a voiced sound.

When you make the /p/ sound you should not feel a vibration in your throat. When you make the /b/ sound you should feel a vibration in your throat.

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