American English Pronunciation for Vietnamese Speakers

American English Pronunciation for Vietnamese Speakers

When I taught accent reduction classes to the Vietnamese community in Northern Virginia, learning to voice word final consonants was a technique that helped my adult students there speak English more clearly!

Voicing final consonants is a critical skill for Vietnamese speakers who are trying to improve their spoken English.

What are voiced consonant sounds?

In American English we have 15 voiced consonant sounds.

These sounds include: /b/,/d/, /g/, /ð/,/z/, /v/, /ʒ/ & /dʒ/.

These sounds often occur at the ends of words.

Why are voiced consonant sounds so important?

Here are a few examples of what happens when you DON’T say a voiced sound correctly:

~When you say the word save it sounds like safe.

~When you say the word bed it sounds like bet.

~When you say the word eyes it sounds like ice.

Your words will sound confusing to the American listen if you don’t voice the /v/, /d/ &  /z/ sounds.

Vowels before voiced consonants are really long!

You also need to be aware that vowel sounds that occur before voiced consonants are lengthened.→ They are articulated longer than you probably say them now.

This is another KEY FEATURE of American English that most Asian language speakers never learned (Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese & Korean)

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