Accent Reduction Techniques-Word Final Sounds

Sometimes pronunciation mistakes can create grammatical errors.✔

This is true when non native speakers fail to fully articulate the last sound in a word.

This often happens to my accent reduction coaching clients with Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese & Spanish language backgrounds.

People from these languages (even people with advanced degrees) have a strong tendency to drop the sound of the letter S at the end of words.

☆Dropping word final S both contributes to your accent and creates grammatical errors that will confuse American listeners.☆

Keep in mind that word final S has 3 sounds in spoken American English.

  1. In the word boys the S has a voiced /z/ sound.
  2. In the word washes the S has a voiced /ez/ sound.
  3. In the word stops the S has a voiceless /s/ sound.

Articulating word final sounds such as the S is critical for people who want to sound accurate and professional when they are speaking.☝

In my accent reduction coaching sessions I teach my clients to say these sounds correctly. Find out the benefits of personal accent reduction coaching by visiting my Skype accent reduction coaching website.

If you are a Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese or Spanish speaker who uses American English in your workplace, you want to be sure you are speaking in a professional way. I can help you achieve that!