Americans don’t emphasize every word

Americans don’t emphasize every word

Americans don't emphasize every word.

Americans don’t emphasize every word.

Americans don’t emphasize every word when they speak. You shouldn’t do that either!

Why not?

If you emphasize every word in a sentence….

if you say every word with the same amount of stress, your speech will sound foreign, monotonous and unfamiliar.

Which words do Americans emphasize?

When Americans talk they stress the most important words in a sentence using pitch emphasis.

Pronunciation books call these CONTENT and FOCUS words.

We emphasize these words because they’re important for sentence meaning.

We’ll reduce and blend the sounds of the little, less important words.

It’s about the melody

Spoken American English is a melodic language. The melody is created by the stress reduce pattern we use in words and sentences.

It you speak English using the melody of your first language, it will sound foreign to North Americans.

The Golden Key

Josef Essberger, the founder of the excellent website says this~

 Word stress and sentence stress are the golden key to English pronunciation.

I couldn’t agree more!

If you want to speak American English in a way that sounds natural, melodic and engaging, you’ll need to learn how to use syllable stress and word stress correctly.

About the author

Susan Ryan is the author of the ConfidentVoice blog and an American English communication and accent reduction coach.