Improve Your American Accent- VOA & Skype

I always tell my accent reduction coaching clients who live outside North America that they must listen to American English if they want to improve their accents.

That’s because focused listening is a key part of accent improvement! ✔

One place where you can listen to American English is the Voice of America’s Special English Broadcast.

One of my clients who lives in Madagascar uses the VOA all the time.

He says that it’s a great way to listen to American English pronunciation and learn world news at the same time.

If you are really serious about improving your American English accent you should investigate options for accent reduction coaching.

This service is provided internationally via Skype video.

Accent reduction coaching via Skype is a personal, convenient and very effective way to reduce your accent.☺

  • We meet at the TIME that is best for YOU.
  • We use YOUR words.
  • I LISTEN to YOU!

If you work with North Americans, accent reduction coaching will open up your ears and your speech so that you can communicate more effectively!

Here is a recent comment from one of my clients~

I am getting more and more confidence using certain words and hardly hearing people say “what, can you please repeat?. Thank you for the coaching and making it happen.

Are you ready for CHANGE? We can make it happen in your accent reduction coaching sessions. ☝

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