Many people have asked me about Charles Becker’s American English audio course called Best Accent Training.

This is an excellent American English Pronunciation audio course that you can purchase on the world wide web.

In this audio course instructor Charles Becker teaches you:

  • All of the American English vowel & consonant sounds
  • Vowels before T
  • The TH sounds
  • syllable stress & intonation
  • linking & connected speech

Charles narrates the course himself and he has a pleasing male voice. Most American accent audio courses & books are done in a female voice, so this is a nice change.

This is a very comprehensive course so if you want to start improving the way you speak American English,  I advise you to check it out!

You can download the course immediately and get started right away. Click on the link below to listen to a demonstration lesson before you buy.

Click here to visit Best Accent Training mp3s.

To read MORE about American accent audio courses, or read more proven tips for clear American spoken English, click on one of the links below.

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