For clear spoken English go beyond bits & bytes

For clear spoken English go beyond bits & bytes

bits & bytes

For clear spoken English go beyond bits & bytes

Every week I coach people who want to improve they way they speak American English.

Many of them believe that if they could just fix one sound such as:  

  • the /r/ sound
  • the /w/ sound
  • the /θ/ sound

their American English would be transformed and everyone would understand them.

You may believe this too.

However, for most of you, focusing on articulation is not the answer.

Articulation is important, however….

Articulating vowel and consonant sounds is important.

But for most of you, fixing your /r/, /w/ or /θ/ sound is not the solution to your American English communication challenges.

Here are the facts.

  • Simply learning to articulate sounds will not enable you to speak clearly and fluently.
  • Simply learning to articulate sounds will not enable Americans to understand you.

The solution for speaking clear American English goes beyond articulating bits & bytes of sound.

Speaking clear American English is about stress patterns. It’s about integrating the correct sounds with the correct patterns.

Patterns in words

In American English each word has a pattern. Patterns in words are called syllable stress patterns.

If you want Americans to understand you, you absolutely must stress the correct syllable in each word.

Patterns in sentences

In American English each sentence has a stress pattern too.

If you want your speech to sound smooth and fluent, you must stress the correct words in each sentence.

It’s about integration

If you want to speak English in a way that Americans can

  • relate to
  • connect with
  • understand

you’ve got to integrate the sounds of American English with the pronunciation patterns of American English.

You can’t rely on articulation alone.

Strings of data

Just as software engineers have to integrate bits and bytes of data into strings of usable code; smooth, fluent American speech requires integrating stress patterns and sounds into tight phrases.

You’ve got to string the sounds and the patterns together into phrases (strings of code) that Americans can understand.

Sound & pattern integration

Sure, learning to pronounce the sounds of American English is important.

But simply articulating your /w/, /r/ and /θ/ sounds correctly is not the solution to clear communication.

Software engineers are always able to understand this.

They’re good language learners because they understand the concept of integration.

They understand that you have to integrate sounds and patterns to speak in a way that sounds clear and fluent.

Here’s how you can get started

My American Accent for IT Professionals training course was developed to meet the communication demands of software engineers.

In this course you will get specific training on

  • pronouncing words with the correct stress pattern
  • pronouncing sentences with the correct word stress
  • integrating stress patterns with clear articulation

Using a framework of 180 vocabulary words used in software engineering, this course teaches you the code for speaking clear, smooth and professional American English.

Content delivery

Content is delivered using a fast online platform and includes four types of instruction:

  • Focused written and audio practice lessons
  • Short instructional videos
  • Video case studies of Steve Jobs & other Silicon Valley leaders
  • Online quizzes

If clear, confident spoken English is critical for your career success, follow this link American Accent for IT Professionals to take a free trial lesson.

About the author

Susan Ryan is an accent reduction coach. Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.