Bill Gates & the Rule of 3

Is Bill Gates a Great Speaker?

Bill Gates & the Rule of 3

Bill Gates & the Rule of 3

Carmine Gallo, communication writer at Forbes, wrote earlier this month about how Bill Gates has radically transformed his communication skills since stepping down as CEO.

A Transformation

Gallo has followed Gates very closely as he’s transformed himself into a persuasive communicator who can explain complex subjects such as climate change and world health care, clearly and effectively.

One communication strategy that Gates employs to achieve this is called The Rule of 3.

What is The Rule of 3?

Most people can remember ideas best when they’re presented in short concise groups of 3.

~ 3 ideas are enough to support an argument

~ 3 ideas are just enough for someone to remember

~ 3 ideas keep people from getting overwhelmed with too much information

And good communicators like Bill Gates, follow the rule of 3 maxim.

Too Much Information 

If your listener can’t get remember you’re saying, communication isn’t actually happening. Right?

You don’t want to overload your listeners with too much information!

Good communicators know this. They think about their listeners. They condense and practice what they have to say.

They leave their audience wanting more, not wanting their talk to end.

Gates Keeps it Simple

Great communicators understand that complex ideas must be explained simply and succinctly.

Following The Rule of 3 can help you do that.

Stating things simply and clearly is fundamental rule of persuasive speaking. But it’s not easy to do well with out training and practice.

Video Case Studies of Great Speakers

In my accent reduction coaching program for STEM professionals I teach you to speak in a manner that’s clear and persuasive using video case studies of great speakers.

We analyze and mirror great speakers like Bill & Melinda Gates, Thomas Kurian and Bill McDermott.

Leaders who understand and model The Rule of 3.

Relevant Lessons for Accent Reduction Training

In my programs, you study and analyze great speakers as you learn to reduce your accent and express your ideas clearly. This is a powerful and relevant way to make positive changes to the way you speak American English.

If excellent American English communication is a skill that you need  for greater career success contact me here. I’ll send you a prompt and personal reply.

Follow this link to read the article on Forbes.

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Susan Ryan is an accent reduction coach. Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.