Common Mispronunciations by Spanish Speakers

Common Mispronunciations by Spanish SpeakersNotas

When speaking American English, one of the most common mispronunciations for Spanish speakers are the vowel sounds /iy/ & /I/.

  • I call the first sound /iy/ as in Green.
  • I call the second sound /I/ as in Silver.

Most of the Spanish speakers that I’ve worked with on accent and pronunciation don’t usually differentiate between these sounds.

Why It’s Important to Differentiate Between /iy/ & /I/?

In American English, failing to differentiate between the /iy/ & /I/ sounds creates breakdowns in communication.

4 Examples

If you don’t differentiate between the /iy/ & /I/ sounds, American listeners may get confused when you say words including:

  1. list & least
  2. sit & seat
  3. chip & cheap
  4. fill & feel

Listen Here


Learn the Difference!

Spanish speakers who want to speak American English clearly need to learn more about all 15 American vowel sounds (yup, we’ve got 15) including the sounds:

  • /iy/ as in Green
  • /I/ as in Silver

I teach you to say and differentiate between all of these sounds in my iBook, American Accent Fundamentals.

My interactive guide to the American accent is an excellent first step for Spanish speakers who want to speak clear American English.
American Accent Fundamentals - Susan M. Ryan

There’s a sample chapter available at the iBookstore. If you have an iPad, try it out. It’s fun, interactive and you’ll learn a lot!

Only available at the iBookstore.

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