Connecting the dots for clear American speech

Connecting the dots for clear American speech

Every week, I get to work with a lot of really interesting people in my accent reduction coaching program.

And I want to tell you something that happened this week.

On Tuesday, I met with a really cool woman named Anna on Skype.

Anna told me that she’d been working to improve her American accent for two years.

Her accent reduction strategies

So I asked Anna what “accent reduction” strategies she’d tried so far. She told me that she’d

  • watched a lot of YouTube videos
  • purchased the book American Accent Training (but never used it)

When I asked Anna how I could help her, she said,

“Susan, there’s so much information on the American accent available; books, videos, websites.

The problem is that there’s too much information. I need to understand what I need to learn. I need to understand how all this information applies to me.

I need you to help me connect the dots”.

Too much information

Anna is right. There’s now tons of information about American accent on the internet.

But how can you use this information? How do you know what information applies to you. AND, once you figure that out, how do you create a study plan that will be really effective?

This is where I come in

This is where my lessons and my experience can help you.

  • Because I coach people every week, I understand what American accent information you need to pay attention to.
  • Because I coach people every week, I’m continually creating American accent lessons that you can use in everyday life.
  • Because I coach people every week, I’m continually testing my lessons to make sure they get results.

I connect the dots for you

The lessons in my American accent training programs help you connect the dots between vowels, consonants, syllable stress and intonation.

My lessons enable you to focus on what’s important so that you can speak American English with clarity and confidence.

My integrated lessons “connect the dots” for you so that you can stay on course to achieve your goals.

Make a commitment to change

Have you made the commitment to start speaking English in a way that Americans can easily understand?

If you’re committed, show that by signing up for one of my American accent training programs.

Invest in yourself. Do it today.

Free trial lessons are available. Follow the link above to get started.

About the author

Susan Ryan is an accent reduction coach. Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.