Do you follow this rule for clear American English pronunciation?

Do you follow this rule for clear American English pronunciation?

When it comes to clear American English pronunciation, there are LOTS of rules you need to learn.start UP

Here’s one of the easiest rules to learn and apply.

Phrasal verbs

When pronouncing phrasal verbs, you need to stress the second part of the word.

Here’s a list of words frequently phrasal verbs.

Practice now by saying each word out loud. Be use to put stress on the capitalized syllable.

  • sign IN
  • log OUT
  • shut DOWN
  • follow UP
  • go OVER
  • start UP

Phrasal verb stress

Phrasal verbs like the ones listed above are stressed on the second syllable.

If you place stress the second syllable when you say these words, Americans will easily understand you.

If you don’t stress the second syllable, your pronunciation will be difficult to understand.

Syllable stress is critical for clear American English

If you want Americans to understand you the first time you say a word, you absolutely must learn which syllable to stress in a word.

You’ve never heard about syllable stress (I know), but trust me, it’s probably the best technique you can learn for speaking clear American English.

What else do you need to learn?

I teach you the rules

I teach you the rules for using syllable stress correctly in all my American accent training courses.

Stop making mistakes when you speak American English. Learn the rules for syllable stress so that you can speak in a way that Americans understand.

About the author

Susan Ryan is an American English communication and accent reduction coach.

Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.