Do you pronounce phrasal verbs correctly?

Do you pronounce phrasal verbs correctly? 

pronounce phrasal verbs correctly

Do you pronounce phrasal verbs correctly?

American English speakers use phrasal verbs all the time. Here are two quick tips that will allow you to say these the American way.

In order to pronounce phrasal verbs correctly you need to employ both linking and syllable stress strategies.

What are phrasal verbs?

Phrasal verbs are verbs that are made up of 2 small words. Examples include:

  • break up
  • take off
  • work out
  • log off
  • hand out
  • go over

Listen Here


Rule 1~ Phrasal verbs are stressed on the second part. Listen to how I pronounce each phrasal verb above. Listen to how I emphasize the second part.

You can hear that, right?

Rule 2~ Phrasal verbs are linked up tight together The last sound in the first part of a phrasal verb moves over to the second part.

Huh? Hold, on…let me demo that for you. I’ve written the list once more below showing the stress and the linking.

Listen again, noticing the stress and linking that I use.

  • breaKUP
  • takOFF
  • worDOUt
  • loGOFF
  • hanDOUT
  • goWOVer

Why are these two rules for phrasal verbs so important? It’s always important to stress words on the right part (or syllable) because that’s what Americans listen for.

If you don’t stress a word on the correct syllable, there’s a very good chance that native speakers won’t understand you.

Follow the link to learn why syllable stress is absolutely critical for clear communication.

Where can you learn all the rules for syllable stress?

I teach you many syllable stress rules, including practice with phrasal verbs correctly in all of my American accent courses.

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