Do You Speak English Too Fast?

Do You Speak English Too Fast?

Do you speak English too fast?

Do you speak English too fast?

Did you know that speaking English too quickly can contribute to your foreign accent?

It can!

Many of my accent reduction coaching clients have a habit of speaking English with a very fast pace.

Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese & Indian English Speakers

This is often true of Spanish speakers, Brazilian speakers and Indian English speakers.

When I ask them why they speak so fast, they say things like

“I think that if I speak quickly, no one will notice my accent.”

“In my country, if you speak too slowly, people will doubt your intelligence.”

This is Not True

When it comes to speaking clear and engaging American English,  it’s okay to speak slower.

In fact, it’s preferred.

I’m not saying that you should speak like a robot……

What I’m saying is that you should learn to speak in phrases and use pauses to create a better speaking pace.

Native Speakers Often Speak Quickly

Now, I know that native speakers do speak quickly sometimes.

But if you listen carefully, you’ll find this

  • We say some words quickly, but not all words.
  • We say important words with length and pitch emphasis.
  • We often pause after these words so that our listeners can process them.

3 TIPS for Speaking English with a Good Pace

  1. Bring attention to important words by emphasizing them.
  2. You can say the less important words quickly.
  3. Pause briefly after each important word. This will give your listeners time to process the word.

Using the 3 strategies described here will help you speak with a pace that Americans can easily understand.

I Can Teach You How to Speak with a Pace that Americans Understand

In my accent reduction coaching program, I teach you how to speak with a pace that Americans can understand.

I teach you to speak English in a way that Americans enjoy listening to.

Make 2015 YOUR year to improve the way you speak.  Improvement guaranteed! I can help you do it!