Do you want your American English to sound natural?

Do you want your American English to sound natural?

How to make your spoken English sound natural.

How to make your spoken English sound natural.

One way you can do that is to use contractions when you speak. American English speakers almost always use contractions.

If you want your spoken English to sound more natural, you should too!

People hesitate to use contractions

Many of the people who I work with in my accent reduction programs want to speak with a more fluent and natural sound.

But they were taught in their home countries NOT to use contractions. That’s why many of you hesitate to use contractions when you speak.

You were probably taught that contractions are too informal. Your teachers might have told you that contractions are sloppy.

That’s just not true!

Why should you use contractions when you speak?

Here’s the reason.

Using contractions will make your spoken English smoother. Since you won’t be pronouncing every single word, you’ll sound less choppy to native speakers.

Using contractions will help you reduce & compact little words more effectively.

Reducing and compacting little words will allow you to speak with an American melody. ♬


  • Would have → would’əv
  • Would you have been there? → Would you’ əv been there?
  • Could have→ could’əv
  • I could have come over.→ I could’əv come over.

There’s More

Additionally, once you learn to speak using contractions you’ll be able to speak more quickly and be understood…just as long as you emphasize your IMPORTANT words.

If you want your English to sound smoother and more American, you should definitely use contractions when you speak!

Get Some Training

If you’re someone who’s  ready to take your American English up to the next level, check out my American Accent Master Class.

You CAN speak American English smoothly and fluently if you get some training. The methods I use in all my American accent training programs will enable you to make significant changes in the way you speak.

About the author

Susan Ryan is an accent reduction coach. Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.