Does Your Voice Express Who You Are?

Does Your Voice Express Who You Are?

Does your voice express who you are?

Does your voice express who you are?

Many of the great people who I work with in my Skype accent reduction programs don’t like the sound of their voice.

They tell me~

Susan, I don’t like the sound of my voice when I speak American English.

I don’t feel like my voice expresses who I really am.

My speech sounds stiff and choppy.

For an Energetic & Engaging Voice You Need to Use Stress & Intonation

Sometimes people are so concerned about pronouncing every sound in American English correctly..but they forget about the big picture…that is clear communication!

And good communication goes beyond mere pronunciation.

Below is the link to a short article written by Toastmaster and accent reduction coach named Paddy Kennedy.

I love this article because it article sums up the concepts for good communication that you need to know in order to be a clear and engaging communicator including:

  • Stress ✔
  • De-stress (reduced sounds) ə
  • Melody ♬
  • Intonation ⤵
  • Sound units (phrases)

Paddy says something really important in the last paragraph. This is:

Foreign accent interference will continue to block the expression of your ideas, concepts and solutions until you master the stress, rhythm and intonation patterns of spoken English.

You can read her article here Accentuate the Beat

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