Medical English Pronunciation for Doctors & Nurses

If you are a non-native American English speaker working in the medical profession you know how critical it is to speak English clearly and effectively.

Clear communication is absolutely vital when you are dealing with patients and colleagues.

If you are trying to improve your medical communication skills, you may want to check out the book Medical English Clear and Simple.

Click on the book title to see the details and excellent customer reviews.

This may be the tool you need to start communicating more clearly & efficiently in medical situations! ☼


If you are really motivated to improve your medical English communication skills, I offer Skype accent reduction coaching for medical professionals.

Skype coaching works well for people who have very busy or unusual schedules.

Since sessions can arranged to fit YOUR needs…you never have to miss a class!

Visit this link to see the details for my Skype based coaching programs.

I’ve worked with doctors, nurses & medical researchers in Singapore & North America. In our work together these medical professionals learned to communicate more clearly with patients, family members & their native speaking colleagues.

I have MORE TIPS for you on the posts below. ⬇

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