American English pronunciation~ Do you need to know the IPA?

Do you need to know the international phonetic alphabet (IPA) in order to reduce your accent?

Not really…but it’s not as difficult to learn as you may think….

Very few of my accent reduction coaching clients are familiar with the IPA when they begin their lessons. However, I do teach them some key sounds and symbols during their sessions.

They always understand the sounds & symbols when we apply these to their specific pronunciation problems.

Besides…many of my clients are IT professionals who LOVE to use symbols!


Gabe from just sent me his video tutorial on the IPA or International Phonetic Alphabet. He asked me to share it with my blog readers.

If you’ve been wondering how the IPA works to describe the sounds of words you’ll be very pleased with the content of this video.

If you’ve been wanting to learn the IPA take a look. You’re sure to like it!

English pronunciation and the IPA


My accent reports tell you which sounds and patterns you need to know in order to reduce your accent and speak with a more American sound.

To get a report for YOUR LANGUAGE just send me a message at I’ll send you a PDF report.

The IPA that I use in my reports is specific and easy to understand!