Good Communication Skills Boost Your Value

Good Communication Skills Boost Your Value

Good Communication Skills Boost Your Value

Good Communication Skills Boost Your Value

An article in Forbes about Warren Buffett discusses the immense $ value $ of having good communication skills.

In the article, which I’ve linked to below, Forbes communication specialist Carmine Gallo describes an incident in which Warren Buffet offered a group of business students a substantial investment based on their ability to communicate clearly and master the art of public speaking.

Technical knowledge is not enough

You can have all the technical knowledge in the world, but if you can’t communicate with clarity and confidence, your chances of rising up in your career are limited.

Companies like Berkshire-Hathaway and  Cisco expect their executives to speak and present at a high level.

Do you need to eliminate your accent to communicate effectively?

In order to communicate effectively and succeed in America business, you don’t need to eliminate your foreign accent.

However, you do need to speak in a manner that makes it easy for others to trust and understand you.

You absolutely need to:

  • Say important words clearly
  • Speak with the right pace
  • Speak in a manner that sounds trustworthy and engaging

Read the article on Forbes

You can read Carmine Gallo’s article at the link below~

✪ Good Communication Boosts Your Value

He writes weekly on effective communication in business. He’s someone to follow.

Take the first step towards clear communication

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About the author

Susan Ryan is the author of the ConfidentVoice blog and an accent reduction coach.