How Churchill, Jobs Became Great Speakers

How Churchill & Jobs Became Great Speakers 

Steve Jobs Became a Great Speaker

Steve Jobs Became a Great Speaker

Do you admire great speakers?

I do! And I fully understand that great speakers are not born.

Great speaking is a skill that must be learned.

Churchill & Jobs

Winston Churchill & Steve Jobs are both considered to be great speakers.

But when they started speaking and spreading their respective messages, both men were nervous and inarticulate.

Churchill used vocabulary words that were too long.

Jobs was so nervous in the early years, that he felt sick when he had to speak.

Training & Practice

Over the years, with training and practice, both men became exemplary and inspirational speakers.

Accent Reduction

It’s the same thing with accent reduction.

No matter what you may have head on the web, accent reduction doesn’t happen overnight.

You won’t lose your accent just because you bought one book, an app or online program.

Reducing your accent takes time. For most people this involves personal training.

You Can Be a Great Speaker

Even if you didn’t grow up speaking American English, you can be a great English speaker.

Look at Vic Gundotra, Ruchi Sanghvi, Ping Fu & Shakira.

They are all excellent English speakers, and they weren’t born in North America.

Join Me

If you’re a non native speaker of American English….and your goal is to be a great speaker…..

…see how my accent reduction coaching program will help you become the communicator you want to be.

Read About Churchill & Jobs in Forbes

As Carmine Gallo writes about Jobs & Churchill in Forbes, great speaking is a skill that must be learned.

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