How do you pronounce conscious?

How do you pronounce conscious?

One word that many of my accent reduction clients mispronounce is conscious.


The reason they mispronounce conscious is because the spelling doesn’t match the pronunciation.

How to say conscious 

Here’s my code for saying it correctly~

1. Pronounce the first o with a big/ɑ/ as in Olive sound. Lengthen it!

  • co➝nscious

2. Pronounce the sc with a /sh/ sound.

  • co➝nshious

3. Pronounce the iou with a /ə/ schwa sound.

  • co➝nshəs

4. Pronounce the final s with a /s/ sound.

Listen here


American English spelling vs American English pronunciation

Keep in mind that the connection between American English pronunciation and spelling is not always straightforward.

Many letters have more than one sound.

And, many vowels need to be said with a reduced schwa vowel sound.

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