How do you pronounce development?

How do you pronounce development?

How do you pronounce development?

How do you pronounce development?

I do a lot of accent reduction coaching with IT professionals. And one word that almost all of my clients mispronounce is development.

It’s a tricky word!

Development is a tricky word…unless you understand a two key things about American English.

Two keys

1. Key #1~ In the word development, the second syllable is stressed.

2. Key #2 ~ In the word development, the other vowels are pronounced with a schwa vowel sound /ǝ/.

Reframe the word using my code

When I work with clients, I always reframe the way they look at words using a code that I’ve developed. Below is my spelling of development.

  • dǝ VEL➝ ǝp mǝnt

You can see that the unstressed syllables have a schwa vowel sound /ǝ/.

I’ve capitalized the stressed syllable and added an ➝ after it.

That tells my clients that the stressed syllable, in this case VEL➝ ,should be said with extra pitch and length.

The vowel sounds in the other syllables should be reduced.

Listen to the pronunciation of development


Other words like this

I use the same method to help my technology and engineering clients pronounce many other problematic words including:

  • technological
  • enterprise
  • methodology
  • systematic

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About the author

Susan Ryan is an American English communication and accent reduction coach.