How do you pronounce necessary?

I didn't know that!

I didn’t know that!

How do you pronounce necessary?

Every week in my accent reduction coaching program someone asks me how to pronounce these related words

  1. necessary
  2. necessity
  3. necessarily

The reason that these words are difficult to pronounce correctly is because the syllable stress is different in each word.

Learn the patterns!

One way you can really improve the way you speak American English is to learn to use the correct syllable stress patterns.

In the word necessary, you need to stress the first syllable.

  • ne➝cessary

In the word necessity, you need to stress the second syllable.

  • nece➝ssity

In the word necessarily, you need to stress the second syllable.

  • necessar➝ily

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Have you studied American English syllable stress patterns?

Probably not.

Most non native English speakers never learned to use syllable stress patterns in their home country.  That’s unfortunate because these are critical for making your words sound clear and comprehensible to the American listener.

I teach you the rules!

I teach you all the rules for syllable stress in my accent reduction coaching program.

Why? Because knowing how to use syllable stress correctly is essential for anyone who is serious about speaking American English with clarity.