How do you pronounce probably?

How do you pronounce probably?

How to pronounce probably

How to pronounce probably

One word that many of my accent reduction coaching clients find challenging is the word probably.

Step by step directions

  1. The stressed vowel sound is /ɑ/ as in Olive.
  2. You need to make that sound long and clear.
  3. The /b/ sounds are not strong. You can hold those back a bit.
  4. The letter a in the second syllable has a schwa vowel sound.

Listen here


☆ pro➝bəbly ☆

Lots of times native speakers will drop a sound in this word, making it sound like:

☆ pro➝bly ☆

This is totally acceptable!

Clear communication depends on syllable stress

If you’re trying to improve the way you speak English, always be aware that you need to stress one syllable in each word.

The vowel sound in that syllable needs to be long & clear. Pro→bəbly.

When you do stress the correct syllable, using a long clear vowel sound, American listeners will almost always be able to understand what you said!

Learn to syllable stress

In my accent reduction coaching program I make sure that your syllable stress is clear and correct. That’s because I want you to be understood.

Check out how accent reduction coaching works if clear communication is important to you.