How do you pronounce success?

One word that comes up frequently in my accent reduction coaching sessions is thesuccess word SUCCESS.

This word comes up for a lot of reasons….

1. The people who I coach are already successful.

2. The people who I coach want to be more successful!

3. The word success is difficult to pronounce (unless you know the secret☝).

In order to pronounce SUCCESS correctly, you need to know this~ When the letters CC occur together, the sound combination is usually /k/ + /s/.

Notice I said sound.

You see, the letter C can have a /k/ sound or an /s/ sound.

In the word SUCCESS, the first C has a /k/ sound. The second C has a /s/ sound.

So you need to say it like this: suk se➝ss.

The stress is on the second syllable.

Other words that fit this pattern include; access, accent & accelerate.

Most people are surprised to find out that American English letters have more than one sound. They’re surprised to learn about syllable stress too.

Once they learn to manage these features of spoken American English, they become more clear, engaging and successful speakers.

Learn more tips for clear spoken American English by reading more of my posts. Successful speech is within your reach if you take the time to unlock the secrets!