How does accent reduction coaching work?

This week I received three inquiries about my accent reduction coaching program. So in this post, I’m going to explain how that works.

Who chooses accent reduction coaching?

How does accent reduction coaching work?

How does accent reduction coaching work?

It’s for professionals who are ready to “get out of the trenches”, start sharing their ideas and take a leadership role in their organizations.

It’s for people who are tired of searching YouTube for answers and are able to invest time and money to become clear, engaging speakers.

How does accent reduction coaching work?

Since coaching is highly customized, the first thing we do is meet on Skype for a 30 minute “meet & greet” session. This enables us to get to know one another before the real work begins.

▪ Next, I use your LinkedIn profile to create a highly customized Pre-Course Accent Assessment for you.

▪ You record your Pre-Course Accent Assessment for my analysis. I then create a written and audio report for you.

▪ The errors that you make on the Pre-Course Accent Assessment inform the objectives for our ten coaching sessions.

Skype video sessions

Our coaching sessions meet on Skype once a week, for ten weeks. Each session lasts 60-70 minutes. Sessions are recorded.

▪ After each coaching session, you’ll have four homework assignments to complete. You’re required to study all four assignments. You need to record two of those assignments for my feedback.

▪ After Session 5, you take your MidTerm Assessment.

▪ During Session 10 you take your Final Assessment.

Once your ten sessions are completed, I complete your Progress Report. Then you continue to practice using my American Accent Master Class. This is a “supported” online class.

What can you expect from personal coaching?

After coaching at least 12 people a week for the last eight years I’ve found that the people who make the most significant improvement take these five actions:

  1. They ask lots of questions
  2. They contribute their challenging words and situations
  3. They complete their assignments on time (and listen to our Session audio)
  4. They participate with enthusiasm
  5. They make a deliberate effort to apply what they learn

People who consistently take the actions listed above are able to master the professional words and sentences that they use everyday.

What if I want more coaching?

Many people choose to meet for additional coaching sessions on a monthly basis. This is a popular option that you may want to consider.

People who’ve completed coaching frequently like to join my Business Book Group coaching course.

What if I’ve taken one of your online courses?

If you’ve purchased my iBook, taken one of my online courses or my Accent Assessment, the fee you paid for that will be deducted from your coaching fees.

If you have any questions about how personal coaching will benefit you, send me message at

My 2016 schedule will fill up starting in September, so if you’re serious about coaching, do contact me by August 14th.

About the author

Susan Ryan is an American English communication and accent reduction coach.