How to Improve Monotonous Speech

How to Improve Monotonous Speech

How to improve monotonous speech

How to improve monotonous speech

Many of my accent reduction coaching clients have told me

Susan, my friends say that my speech is monotonous. They say that I don’t sound enthusiastic.

It’s true. Many non native speakers do sound monotonous when they speak American English.

Pitch Emphasis

The American listener expects to hear some vocal variety (pitch and stress) when others are speaking. ♬

  • We expect to hear pitch on stressed syllables.
  • We expect to heat pitch on important words.

4 Tips for Making Your Speech Sound Engaging

What can you do to speak with an engaging melody?

Here are 4 suggestions.

  1. Speed up when you say little words like the, at, in, of.  Link them together.
  2. Emphasize important words using pitch emphasis & pauses.
  3. Be sure to use rising falling intonation at the end of statements and “wh” questions.⤵
  4. Use rising intonation when asking questions that can be answered yes or no.⤴

You Won’t Sound Monotonous 

This will make your speech engaging and interesting to listen to.

You’ll sound more confident.

American listeners will like it and appreciate it.


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