How to make friendly small talk

How to make friendly small talk

How to make friendly small talk

How to make friendly small talk

American culture puts great value on friendly small talk.

In order to build a strong rapport with your colleagues and clients, start your interactions with a friendly greeting or question.

Starting an interaction with friendly small talk will tell your colleagues and clients that you’re interested in them.

They’ll feel like you care about them as people, not just business associates.

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  1. How was your weekend, David?
  2. Good morning Steven, it’s nice to see you.
  3. Thanks for meeting me this morning, Susan.
  4. Hi Jason, are you available to talk today?

Can you hear how these greetings sound warm and friendly?

Sound more personable

Practice these small talk examples using as much enthusiasm as you can. Try to use peoples’ names when you greet them.

People will find you more personable if you speak like this.

Using the correct intonation when asking these questions is really important.

Listen attentively to other people

Once you get people talking you should:

  • Try to listen attentively
  • Agree with or comment on what they said
  • Relate a similar experience that you’ve had
Don’t think that making small talk is a waste of time!
The time you spend warming up your listeners with friendly greetings and questions will pay off in the long run.
Follow this link to lean more about how to make small talk in American English.

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