How to Pronounce American O’s

How to pronounce American O’s 

How to Pronounce American O's

How to Pronounce American O’s

This tip is for all you Indian, Russian, Spanish, French and Brazilian Portuguese speakers who might be confused about all the different the American O sounds.

You probably find the pronunciation of the letter O rather confusing…

And I totally understand why! It’s because the O has more than one sound.

The letter O has many sounds

When you’re speaking American English, the letter O can sound like:

/ow/ as in Rose

  • total
  • focus

/ɑ/ as in Olive

  • cost
  • process

/ʌ/ as in Mustard

  • love
  • come

/ə/ as in Schwa

  • technoləgy
  • phətogrəphy

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Learn to use the correct American O sounds

Learning to use the correct American O sounds takes awareness. It takes practice & application.

Using the American O sounds is one of the key pronunciation skills that I teach the Indian, Russian, Spanish, French & Brazilian Portuguese speakers who I work with in my Skype accent reduction program.

I work one on one with professional people who are serious about improving the way they communicate in American English.

About the author

Susan Ryan is an accent reduction coach. Contact her with your questions about clear American speech.

PS  The color methodology that I use from The Color Vowel Chart.