How to pronounce chasm

How to pronounce chasm

Today I’ll explain how to pronounce chasm….and two other related words.

How to pronounce chasm

How to pronounce chasm

During my accent reduction coaching sessions this week, two of my clients mispronounced the word chasm.

Don’t use a /tch/ sound!

 My clients pronounced the word chasm with a /tch/ sound. When speaking American English, this is not correct.

The sound of the CH in the word chasm is /k/.

Just a plain old hard /k/ sound.

My Phonetic Transcription

Here’s how I respelled the word chasm so that my clients could say it correctly:

  • kazǝm

Listen here

Embarrassing Moments

My clients (all super intelligent professionals) were a bit embarrassed when they made this error.

But honestly…. we all make pronunciation bloopers like this once in a while

Spelling vs. Pronunciation

Given the way American English is spelled……vs. the way it’s pronounced….that’s inevitable.

But understanding patterns…. like when to pronounce CH with a /k/ sound can be learned.

And many embarrassing moments can be avoided.

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