How to pronounce digital

How to pronounce digital

How to pronounce digital

How to pronounce digital

As most of you know, I coach people like you each week via Skype video. 

In our sessions my clients learn to say the words and sentences they use every day in a manner that’s clear and professional.

This week one of those words was digital.

In fact, three of my coaching clients who work in IT pronounced the word DIGITAL in a way that I couldn’t understand.

So today I’m going to teach you how to say DIGITAL correctly.

How to pronounce DI-GI-TAL (3 syllables)

1. Say the vowel sound in the first syllable with extra length and pitch. Make the vowel sound in DI, long and strong!

2. Reduce the vowel sounds in the second and third syllables. Don’t over pronounce those because they have a schwa vowel sound.

3. Say the T with a /d/ sound.

Respelling the word

Here’s how I respell the word digital for my coaching clients (they really like this). You can listen below.

  • DI ʤə dəl

Digital is just an example

Digital is just an example of how Americans stress and unstress syllables in words.

It’s an example of how Americans often use a /d/ sound for the letter T.

Similar words include

  • pə LI də cəl
  • CRIdə cəl

Listen to the correct pronunciation of digital, political and critical

Learn syllable stress patterns

I strongly believe that the best way for you to start pronouncing American English words clearly and correctly is to learn the rules for syllable stress.

If you learned English in India, China, Russia, Belarus, Korea, Japan, Latin America, Europe or Singapore, learning to say words with the correct syllable stress will enable you to make significant changes to the way you speak.

Using syllable stress correctly makes your speech sound clear to Americans.

I see this happen every week with the people in my accent reduction coaching program.

My American accent training courses

All of my American accent training courses provide you with clear, concise lessons on how to use syllable stress when you speak.

Don’t underestimate the power of using the correct syllable stress!

About the author

Susan Ryan is an American English communication and accent reduction coach. Contact her using the form above with your questions about clear American speech.