How to Pronounce Fuel

Are you making this pronunciation mistake?

How to pronounce fuel

How to pronounce fuel

Here’s a word that you may be pronouncing the wrong way. The word is fuel.

This week two of my accent reduction coaching clients emailed me to ask how to pronounce the word fuel correctly.

They were pronouncing it in a way that their listeners interpreted as fool.

Oh, oh, that’s not cool!

How to pronounce fuel correctly

Here’s what you need to know if you want to pronounce fuel correctly.

The word fuel contains both a ʸ and a  ʷ insertion. When I work with my clients, I spell it like this  fʸuʷʷəl.

That usually works.

Listen to the correct pronunciation of fuel here.

Similar words

Other words with  ʸ or  ʷ insertions include:

  • coʷoperate
  • coʷordinate
  • priʸority
  • priʸoritize

You can’t see those insertions, but if you listen carefully to native speakers, you’ll hear them.

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