How to pronounce META

How to pronounce META

How to pronounce META

How to pronounce META

One word that foreign born data scientists mispronounce is META.

If you’re a data scientist who was born outside North America, follow these three steps to pronounce the word META clearly and correctly.

ME TA (2 syllables)
Step 1. Emphasize the first syllable. Stress ME to make it stand out.
Step 2. Say the T with a D sound.
Step 3. Reduce the sound of the A.

This is how I spell META for my coaching clients.

  • MEdə

Listen to me pronounce meta in a sentence.

  • The metadata will describe the data.

Use these three steps and you’ll say the word META in a way that Americans understand.

Speak Data Science the American Way

If you’re a foreign born data scientist who wants to communicate effectively in American English, I have something that will help you.

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About the author

Susan Ryan is an American English communication and accent reduction coach.