How to pronounce patent

Do you know how to pronounce patent?

How to pronounce patent

How to pronounce patent

At least once a week, one of my accent reduction coaching clients asks me how to pronounce the word patent.

Here’s my explanation.

How to pronounce patent

Lengthen the vowel sound in the first syllable.* Use an /ae/ as in Black vowel sound.

Do not use an /ay/ as in Gray sound. We don’t do that in the US.

There are two held t sounds.

The t before n is held. The /n/ sound becomes long.

The final t is held.

My spelling looks like this: pa➝’nn’

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How to speak clear American style English

In order to speak English in a style that’s clear to Americans, you need to learn the rules for:

If you learned English outside the US, you probably don’t use these sounds.

I show you exactly how to use these key features of American English in my accent reduction coaching program.

* most 2 syllable nouns are stressed on the first syllable.