How to pronounce ROBOTIC

The pronunciation of the words ROBOT and ROBOTIC are quite different.

How to pronounce robotic

How to pronounce robotic

See yesterday’s post on how to pronounce ROBOT.

Today I’ll demonstrate how to pronounce ROBOTIC.

RO BO TIC  (2 syllables)

Step 1. Reduce the O in the first syllable. Make this O sound like a schwa.

Step 2. Stress the O in the second syllable. Say this O with an /ɑ/ as in Olive sound.

Step 3. Say the T in the last syllable with a /d/ sound.

When I work with my coaching clients, I spell the word like this.

  • rə BO dic

Listen to me say the words ROBOT and ROBOTIC side by side.

  1. RObot
  2. rəBOdic

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